Can you use CBD for OCD? Part- 1

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a sub category of anxiety.

Despite the very less amount of research on using CBD for OCD, there are some things we know already. 

According to Mind org UK – Every 8 in 100 people in the UK are known to have mixed anxiety & depression and every 6 in 100 people suffer with generated anxiety disorder (GAD) and post traumatic stress order(PTSD) in every 4 in 100 people.

OCD is a sub category of anxiety, which is expected to affect as many as 29% of the public at some point in their lifetime.

The most popular medications for this is the pharmaceutical medications. 

These medications often improve symptoms, but rarely treat the underlying cause of the disorder. Additionally, they often produce other undesirable side-effects. Some are even highly addictive and can even worsen side-effects of OCD or anxiety.

CBD in the UK is rising to be a popular nutritional supplement esteemed for its potent anti-anxiety benefits, among many other benefits. Its amazing results for anti-anxiety effects also makes it a more essential supplement to support OCD.

Now let’s go through how CBD can be helpful to alleviate common symptoms of OCD, what is the right dose to take and the alternatives that you can consider to maximise the benefits.

Using CBD for OCD:

Clinically OCD is classified under anxiety disorder. Although there hasn’t been much research on how effective CBD is for OCD specifically – there are studies that indicate the potential benefits for anxiety as a whole and also the testimonials of the customers who have actually found it beneficial. 

There are a few mechanisms CBD uses to alleviate anxiety symptoms, many of which can be linked to the pathology involved with OCD. Relevant effects of CBD for anxiety disorders, including OCD are as follows:

  • Relieves pain
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Protects nervous system damage
  • Regulates mood
  • Relieves nausea
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Improves appetite
  • Supports sleep
  • Relaxes tense muscles

Useful tips for using CBD for OCD:

  1. Use Oral CBD products like; Oils, edibles, capsules – avoid smoking.
  2. Choose a full – spectrum extract containing traces amount of other cannabinoids such as THC, CBC, CBDa and CBG.
  3. Combine CBD use with other diet and lifestyle changes that reduce the symptoms of OCD
  4. Seek doctor supervision – especially if taking other medications.

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