Can you use CBD for OCD? Part- 2

Guide to Using CBD for OCD

Although there haven’t yet been any studies published on the effects of CBD for people with OCD, there’s been plenty of research highlighting the benefits of CBD on other forms of anxiety.

Overall, the benefits of CBD for OCD and anxiety as a whole include:

  • Regulates serotonin levels to support mood
  • Enhances the endocannabinoid system to regulate central nervous system activity
  • Increases GABA levels to produce a calming effect on the mind
  • Improves side-effects of OCD such as insomnia and muscle tension

Many of the studies done on CBD that investigate its effects on anxiety have successfully mapped out some of the specific biochemical processes taking place to produce these benefits:

  1. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (CB1 and CB2 receptors)
  2. CBD activates the vanilloid pain receptors 
  3. CBD activates the serotonin receptors 

All of these specific receptor systems have been shown to be involved with the regulation of fear and anxiety-related behaviors 

By supporting a dysfunctional stress-response system, we can alleviate the underlying cause of OCD and other anxiety disorders.

The overall effect is to lower inappropriate (excessive) stress reactions and help the stress-response shut down faster after a stressful episode.

What the Research Says About CBD and OCD

There’s almost no research explicitly looking at the interaction between CBD and OCD. However, there’s plenty of excellent research supporting the use of CBD for other anxiety disorders.

Although more specific research is needed to explore the use of CBD for OCD, the current findings are promising. The complexity of the condition makes it challenging for researchers to make any conclusive statements on the subject. OCD often comes with other medical conditions — which complicates the diagnosis.

Getting Started with CBD for OCD

Step 1: Assess the Different Types of CBD Products Available

Step 2: Assess Optimal Starting Dosage

Step 3: Read Testimonials Before You Buy

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