CBD and the Immune System: 4 Ways CBD Oil Provides a Virus-Season Boost

The most common product extracted from CBD is CBD oil. As it is a new product, researchers are still finding various benefits of CBD oil. However, the existing researches suggest that cannabinoids, such as cannabis oil and CBD edibles, help to boost the immune system and keep the person healthy.  

The Immune System of the Human Body

The human body is exposed to several bacteria, viruses, infections, and diseases each day. These infections could potentially kill us if our bodies did not have an immune system. The arrangement of organs, tissues, and cells that work together to kill foreign invaders or foreign particles in the body, which ultimately help us survive. The MVP that makes this work is the white blood cells. Additionally, the immune system is also responsible for detecting the cells, which are not working properly, and thus, eliminating them from the body. 

The immune system needs to eliminate these cells so that they cannot multiply themselves and form tumors. The next question you need to ask is CBD for the immune systemgood or bad?

The Relation between CBD and the Immune System of the Human Body

We have discussed that the cannabidiol helps to boost the immune system. Speaking scientifically, research has proved that CBD contains anti-inflammatory drugs and works as an immunomodulator and immunosuppressant. The following are some points explaining how cannabidiol works as an immunomodulator: 

1. Inflammation is one of the most important procedures carried out by the immune system. This procedure helps to isolate the areas, which are infected, and prevent the toxic components from spreading. CBD contains anti-inflammatory drugs that contribute to reducing the inflammatory response of the immune system.  

2. CBD helps to suppress or modulate the secretion and functioning of the cytokines. The cytokines are several large groups of proteins, which are specially secreted in the immune system of the human body. It helps in regulating the body’s inflammation, white blood cell production, and immunity. 

3. It is also possible to suppress the chemokine with the help of CBD. A small group of cytokines can behave like chemoattractants. They guide the immune cells to the site of the infection so that the white blood cells can demolish the foreign invading microorganisms. 

4. CBD can help to suppress the production of T-cells. It also suppressed the function of the T-cell. It hence suppresses the ability of the immune system to recall foreign microbes. 

5.  CBD can prevent the usual cell growth. 

6. It can also promote cellular death. 

The list mentioned above can make anyone ask about the CBD oil benefits. The list talks about the things that any person should avoid. The next question is, therefore, is CBD beneficial for the immune system. 

What Are Autoimmune Diseases?

When the immune system fails to work properly, autoimmune diseases take place. When a human experiences autoimmune disease, the immune system destroys the healthy organs, tissues, and cells instead of the foreign organisms and microbes. These attacks of the immune system can take place in any part of the body. They affect the regular functioning of the organs in the human body. These autoimmune diseases can put one’s life in danger. As CBD acts as anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant, it might not be important for any healthy human, but for those infected with autoimmune diseases, cannabidiol is perfectly suitable for treatment or therapy. This is how CBD helps the immune system of a person suffering from an autoimmune disease. Apart from being perfect for autoimmune diseases, they can be beneficial for several other purposes.  

Soothing Relief for Mild Frustration and Stress

The continuous psychological frustration and stress lead to a decline in the process in the immunity system. Regular cbd dosage helps with a healthy response to stress. Cannabidiol is not like all endogenous cannabinoids, it activates the 5-HT1A serotonin receptors. This is related to the ability of CBD to modulate the blood flow in the cerebral tract involving the brain regions. When does CBD oil work for anxiety? Due to the usage of CBD oil, anxiety and stress are relieved through processes like the modulation of blood flow to the brain.  

Immunity through Cell Mediation

This starts with the production of the T-cells. They destroy foreign microbes with the help of these T-cells. This is induced by ‘programmed suicide of the cell’ or apoptosis in the foreign microorganisms. Due to CBD oil, acne-causing microbes cannot attack the skin and hence reduce the acne on the face. 

Humoral Immunity with the Help of CBD

Humoral immunity is something that occurs when the human body produces antibodies specifically and destroys harmful foreign microbes. This process is aggravated with the help of CBD oil. Now, the question is where to find cannabis oil.  

Various Kinds of CBD Found in the Market

CBD oil tea is a kind of tea which contains extract of Cannabidiol. It is one of the several cannabinoids that is naturally contained in a hemp plant. The hemp oil is then obtained from the plane and pervaded in the tea to make it full of CBD oil. Finally, CBD oil balm helps to keep the skin healthy and free of any kind of eruptions and acne. 

How Is CBD Oil Used? 

There are different ways of using cannabis because it depends on the product type: patches, tea, oil balm, syrup, CBD wax or dabs; and the purpose of using. For example, people with diseases like arthritis can use CBD patches for pain. For patients recovering from serious stroke attacks, CBD is highly beneficial as the body produces high inflammation, and CBD oil helps control it. Tea is good for mental support and immunity. 

Our purpose is to boost the immune system. The next question, which comes to everyone’s mind is how to use CBD oil for it? The fastest method to absorb oil into the body is to take 1-3 drops of CBD oil (watch on the dosage and CBD oil concentrate) under the tongue and hold it for 60-90 seconds. If to do it, the mucus membranes deliver active compounds to the digestive system and you get all benefits CBD. For young members of the family, CBD tea is great for disease prevention in the virus season.

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