CBD smoothie bowl

CBD Smoothie Bowl for Chronic Pain, Inflammation, and Anxiety!

Now here is where your creativity will come into play. We are talking about a green smoothie with avocados and mix it up with any other fruit—for instance, a mango, banana, orange, or peach.

Ingredients for four servings

1.      1 medium-sized avocado

2.     A few pieces of pineapple, mango, banana, or any other fruit

3.     A 2-3mg dose of CBD oil

4.     A tablespoon of thickener (peanut butter, almond butter, coconut or greek yogurt)

5.     50 ml of milk

6.    100gms Spinach or kale

7.     A teaspoon of Flax seeds or chia seeds

8.     About 20gms of toppings like fresh mint, dry nuts, and raisins

9.     2 tablespoons of Sweetener (optional)


To make this nutritious green smoothie is very simple, you put everything in a blender mix until it is smooth.

After getting to a creamy consistency, add toppings as desired.

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