Mixing CBD with your coffee?

The combination of CBD and coffee is becoming a popular trend in the world of CBD recently. There are various products available in the market that are pre mixed with CBD now !

More that just a marketing trend, there are various advantages of using CBD infused Coffee. It has relaxing effects of CBD that helps reduce unwanted side effects of caffein consumption.

Most important of all, it is reported that CBD helps in enhancing the wetness induced by coffee and prolong the effects of both the compounds –


In this blog we will cover everything you need to know about  mixing CBD with your morning coffee. We’ll go over doses, a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of the combination, and go over all the benefits of this glorious combination.

CBD & Caffein: The ultimate combination

Caffeine, the active ingredient in coffee, is by far the most popular stimulant on earth. It’s estimated that over 2.2 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. Tea, another source of caffeine, is even more popular, with as many as 3 billion people drinking tea daily.

No other stimulant comes close to the popularity of caffeine.

Our obsession with productivity might be to blame for our high caffeine consumption. Caffeine helps us wake up early in the morning for work, focus more intently at work, and even helps us work longer hours by delaying fatigue.

But caffeine is far from perfect.

What the Research Says

There’s a ton of research available for coffee (and caffeine) as well as CBD — but not much information about how the two work in combination.

For the past several decades, the hemp plant (and its primary ingredient, CBD), were lumped together with marijuana. This was a problem for researchers because, despite the fact that hemp is completely non-psychoactive, its relationship to marijuana (a psychoactive form of the plant) made it very difficult to study due to legal restrictions.

But things are different now.

Here’s what we know about how CBD and caffeine work together.

1. Enhance Mental Alertness

CBD can further enhance the feeling of mental alertness produced by caffeine by interacting with some of the same neurotransmitters responsible for carrying out the effects.

Mental alertness is controlled by a few key neurotransmitters in the brain. One of the most important is adenosine.

2. Avoid Anxious Side-Effects

One of the best-known uses of CBD is its support for anxiety.

CBD is a very good anxiety-reducer because it offers several separate mechanisms to achieve this — rather than relying on one thing.

3. Experience Longer-Acting Benefits of Both CBD & Caffeine

Almost everything that enters the body needs to be processed by the liver in order to be eliminated from the body.

In order to do this, the liver uses a series of specialised enzymes (CYP enzymes) to disassemble drugs, cell byproducts, and other compounds in our bloodstream.

Various ways to consume Coffee with CBD:

1. Using readily available CBD coffee in the market

2. Vaping CBD with your Coffee

3. Infusing CBD oil drops in your Coffee

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Disclaimer: we don’t claim to be medical experts nor do we claim that any of our CBD products will cure illnesses and/or diseases. We simply wish to educate people on the health, wellness and therapeutic benefits that our customers and other CBD users have seen as a result of cannabidiol usage. Here in the UK we sell CBD as a supplement.

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