Salmon And Avocado Toast With CBD!

Avocado on toast has become a popular dish almost everywhere! Regardless of if it’s your weekend treat or your daily go-to, you can enjoy a CBD breakfast while feasting on your favourite healthy foods too!


• 2 slices rye bread (swap for another type of bread if you like)

• 1 avocado (sliced thinly or mashed if you prefer)

• 50g Scottish smoked salmon (if you’re outside the UK, salmon sourced elsewhere is perfectly fine)

• 1 tsp thinly sliced green onion

• 1/2 tsp capers

• 1/2 mL ,5% CBD oil 

• Salt and pepper to season


  1. Toast the bread to your preference while prepping the remaining ingredients (e.g slicing and having them ready to place onto your hot toast)
  2. Add a thin layer of avocado slices or mashed avocado if you prefer and drizzle the CBD oil over the top
  3. Top with smoked salmon and add green onions, capers.
  4. Add salt and pepper to season.

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