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Cannabis infused coffee creamer!

Ingredients 1 cup of cannamilk 2 grams of cannabis 1 can (240ml) full fat coconut milk 4 tablespoons of maple syrup 1 tablespoon of vanilla Tools oven cheesecloth parchment paper 1 elastic 1 sealable mason jar 1 cookie sheet 1…

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Hemp Cold Brew Coffee Recipe!

Ingredients 1ounces whole light roast coffee beans (pro tip: look for a roasting date on the package for freshness and overall quality, coffee makers who put roasting dates on their packaging are usually higher quality) 1cups water 1-2 tea spoons…

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CBD Latte at Home! ☕️

If you are a latte person, then this simple recipe binds the creamy texture of this cozy drink with a sparkle of green goodness through CBD oil. You can add some hemp milk to the mixture to prepare a cannabis rich…

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