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How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

CBD typically stays in your system for 2 to 5 days, but that range doesn’t apply to everyone. For some, CBD can stay in their system for weeks. How long it hangs around depends on several factors.What affects how long…

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Pesto Pasta With CBD!

Here’s what you need: 1/2 cup of fresh parsley  1/2 cup of cherry tomatoes 1 tablespoon of pine nuts 2 fresh garlic cloves 2 tablespoons of olive oil 4 teaspoons of CBD oil A pinch of salt and pepper to taste…

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Mango superfood CBD breakfast smoothie!

To ensure your smoothie is ice cold you ideally want to use frozen fruit if this is not possible then add 1 cup ice cubes to the mix instead. Ingredients • 2 cups frozen mango (approx 2 x 300g mangos…

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