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Sparkling Sativa-Pear Punch

2 parts pear nectar or pear juice 2 parts Prosecco (make this a non-alcoholic punch with sparkling cider or lemon-lime soda) 1 part cranberry juice 10 mg-worth of cannabis tincture Garnish: pear slice and/or freshly grated nutmeg

Chinese 5-Spice truffles!

Ingredients ½ teaspoon Chinese 5-Spice powder2 tablespoons bourbon whiskey Coating⅔ cup confectioner’s sugar Directions To make the truffle base, combine the chocolate and butter in a large bowl.Bring the whipping cream to a boil over medium heat, then remove from…

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CBD Tea benefits!

The benefits are beyond tealeaf! Tea already has much going for it; all those antioxidants and the great taste… and CBD is trusted for its vast array of therapeutic benefits. So, with an increased interest in combining CBD with everyday products,…

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CBD Latte at Home! ☕️

If you are a latte person, then this simple recipe binds the creamy texture of this cozy drink with a sparkle of green goodness through CBD oil. You can add some hemp milk to the mixture to prepare a cannabis rich…

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CBD Bulletproof Coffee at Home !☕️

The flavors of the roasted beans that glide into a fresh cup of French press coffee simply steals your heart. But there is something missing in a black coffee—the creamy texture. Blend in the finest quality CBD oil to add the…

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CBD Chocolate Peppermint Espresso Elevating the innate bitter flavors of espresso with rich cocoa and vibrant peppermint, this CBD coffee recipe can light up your mornings with a vibe. This brew is the perfect level of bitterness that will excite the…

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